About Us

Bringing shariah-compliant, riba-free, halal investments and home buying opportunities to Muslims in Canada

TABUK is modeled on shariah compliant solutions for home financing. TABUK offers secure and stable investment opportunity for investment to its members. The funds generated through these investments are utilized to finance the homes for members in a shariah-compliant way.

Our Approach

To ensure fairness and transparency throughout our home-buying process, we have meticulously defined and streamlined the following steps. This comprehensive process incorporates a dynamic list of members eagerly awaiting their turn to purchase a house, with points allocated to each member. These points are recalibrated quarterly, utilizing our robust point calculation system.

Membership Enrollment:
Begin your journey by becoming a valued member.

Active Waiting List (AWL) Enrollment:
Join the Active Waiting List to express your interest in acquiring a home.

AWL Form Review:
The TABUK Board will diligently review your AWL form.

Funds Availability:
Upon reaching your turn, and when sufficient funds become available, you will be notified to proceed.

Downpayment Requirement:
Make the required downpayment within the specified timeframe to secure your position in the queue.

House Selection:
Once your financial commitment is confirmed, you will have the opportunity to select a house that aligns with your preferences and needs.

House Acquisition:
TABUK will facilitate the purchase of the selected house on your behalf, ensuring a seamless and secure transaction.

By adhering to this refined process, we aim to provide equal opportunities to all members and maintain a transparent, efficient, and accountable home-buying experience. Our commitment is to empower you on your homeownership journey while prioritizing fairness and clarity at every step.

Our Philosophy 

We believe in providing the Muslim community with a halal means of buying a house and to provide them with an opportunity to invest in a halal manner.

Our Focus

To create a community-funded, halal home-buying model that will benefit everyone involved while avoiding riba-infused financing options.


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